Farming the Gap with Mr. Charles and Mrs. Joyce Adams

On this journey to bridge the gap from our millennial generation to that of the farming one, we have meet some really incredible people.  Ones that will forever hold a piece in our family and farm operation.  The first highlight, if you will, that we would like to share with you is that of Mr. Charles and Mrs. Joyce Adams, goat and cattle farmers of McClain, Mississippi.  We met this lovely couple in February of this year through a mutual farmer in the community that set up for us to tour to three farms within the surrounding area.  On the journey to find the perfect buck for our 2018 breeding season, Mr. Charles acted as our tour guide and was willing to spend the whole day with us.

We started the morning at Mr. Charles’ farm viewing his buck prospects.  And might I say what prospects they were.  Never have I seen such majestic animals in person as those that were at this farm.  Of course, you see in goat magazines, Google searches and hear legends of the first New Zealand bucks to make their way to the Unites States as being this huge, muscular “once in a lifetime” animals but viewing Mr. Charles’ bucks, was one of those moments of wonder.  These bucks live off the forage, in their pasture and are feed only periodically in a working shoot in order to check on them or load them up for this reason or that.  We tried to keep an open mind about the other bucks we would see throughout the rest of day but I must be honest, I already made my decision on which buck we would be taking home before ever leaving that pasture.  Next, Mr. Charles showed us his beautiful doelings from the previous year’s crop, their breed does and his current herd sire.  All the while, chatting as we moved pasture to pasture about our operation, their operation, and openly giving advice to us that only comes from many years of blood, sweat and tears dedicated to farming.

As we visited the other two farms, we received the same, very kind, treatment and overload of information.  (We hope to be featuring some of these farms in later blog additions.)  Keep in mind, the farms we visited were of those that have been in the business for many years.  Their operations were very fluid and were expanded upon over time. #farmgoals is what comes to mind.  As we finished our tour and drove back to Mr. Charles’ house, we were invited to come inside their lovely home to meet Mrs. Joyce.

The moment we walked into their home, I was transported back to my childhood, as if I were walking into my very own grandparents’ house.  Both of my grandparents died before I was 14, so I was immediately taken back by nostalgia and overwhelmed with the feeling that I was talking to my very own grandparents.  Nick and I sat down in their den with them and started chatting like we had known each other for what seems like forever.  We had the same interests, beliefs, even our humor was similar.  We talked farming and told them our story of this first generation farmer passion and all the hurdles we have had to jump through to get to where we are.  They openly shared their experience and helpful advice.  I believe we could have stayed there all day and probably would have if it wasn’t for having to pick up our children from school.

As we hugged them goodbye and promised to chat soon, Nick and I knew we had really met some lifelong friends.  We quickly agreed we would call Mr. Charles and Mrs. Joyce the next morning to confirm we wanted to purchase one of their bucks named Buckie.  Buckie met all of our requirements – good genetics, parasite resistant, well built, hearty, etc.  You name it, Buckie has it!

The next morning, before we could place that very phone call to Mr. Charles and Mrs. Joyce, we received a phone call from them that would bring us very close to our knees.  They offered to loan us Buckie for our 2018 breeding program; not knowing that we were planning to call them the very same day to purchase Buckie.  If you know our family, you know we are not ones that are given much, we work, HARD, for everything we have.  Handouts just don’t exist in our world.  And here we have these amazing people offering to help us, we were and still are completely humbled and forever in their debt.

So Buckie is currently at Jolly Roger Ranch to be this year’s herd sire and we can’t wait to share with you the results this kidding season will bring.  A special thanks to Mr. Charles and Mrs. Joyce for everything!  It is hard to put into words what your kindness means to our farm and our family.

Katie Buchanan